Monday, February 20, 2012

Okay . . .

who was it that requested more rain?

Here we are, February has almost finished, which means summer is as well, and to say it has been wet would be an understatement.  Ark building has crossed my mind.

This afternoon has brought another storm.  I stepped out with my camera onto the back verandah as it came racing up from the south.

I wish this showed how quickly the clouds were moving.  Sorry about the sound of the wind.

This is looking south-east towards the city.

Yikes!  Armageddon!

I spent the day on Saturday, between showers, weeding the nut grass from the west garden bed.  Bags and bags of it - and it is already growing again.  I am watching it through the kitchen window and it is laughing at me.  I am hurt and dismayed, then I laugh back with an evil laugh as I think of the big container of deadly poison that sits in the cupboard in the garage under the house.  Maybe, if I persevere, in 15 years or so, it will be gone.

What I did achieve with my Saturday weeding was a sore finger.  It is red and infected and when I bump it on things, which I am doing constantly, it oozes yucky blood stuff out the side of my fingernail.  It even hurts to type this.

Do you think it's the nut grass getting even with me?