Sunday, May 12, 2013

Autumn . . .

I had a gorgeous visitor to the garden a few days ago.

Lovely thing!  It spent ever so long flitting around the Hebe in the front garden bed.

Elsewhere in the garden, the jonquil bulbs are all coming up.

These are around the base of the buddleia alternifolia.  I swear I only planted four or five . . . I'm guessing they are multiplying and also that my random digging every now and then has moved them around a bit.

Life here at the moment looks like we are looking at it through a smoky lens.  Which indeed we are!  At this time of the year, we're allowed to burn off our garden/property rubbish.  And everyone is - even Mike turned into a pyromaniac this morning and sent up some smoke signals.

And on top of that, the authorities are doing official hazard reduction burns - read volunteer bush fire fighters having great fun burning stuff in the bush!

So our sunset today looked like this -

and our horizon looked like this -

Yesterday was my son's birthday.  And today was Mother's Day.  These two occurrences have gone hand in hand many times over the years - my baby was born fifty three minutes too late to arrive on Mother's Day thirty two years ago.  We had a big family lunch yesterday at The Mean Fiddler pub with many drinks and much fun.

This morning, for Mother's Day, Mike woke me up from a sleep-in with a pot of tea and a nice bit of crumpet.  

So I took a photo to remember it by -

Get your minds out of the gutter, you lot!!! :-)